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Top 5 – Double exposures

  • Inspiration
  • 27/08/17

Double Exposure is a technique when two or more exposures are superimposed to create a single image. This can create a ghost like effect. There are different ways to technically do this:

  1. Using a manual winding back. Taking an image and winding back so you photograph over that taken image.
  2. Some DSLR’s allow you to do it in the camera.
  3. Post production in in Adobe Photoshop or
  4. Using an app on your phone.

Here are some exciting examples of Photographers who have used double exposures.

1. Duane Michals – Magritte portrait 1965

In 1965, Duane Michals visited Magritte and said “I was 33 and he was 65 when I visited him in Brussels. He was a contradiction, a surrealist who lived like a banker with the kaleidoscopic mind of an alchemist. He was very kind to me.”

Michals is one of the great photographic innovators of the last century, widely known for his work with series, multiple exposures, and text. He was heavily influenced by photojournalism. He incorporates text plus sequences that are similar to cinema’s frame by frame format.

duane-michals-005duane michaels caaef22d220c535dc45159e997ae137d

2. John Deakin – ‘Impossible Accidents’ book

A Café Royal Book Publication 24 pages 14cm x 20cm
b/w digital Edition of 200. Published here for the first time is a fabulous book.
Deakin was an English photographer. He excelled in portraits. In this found series he took black and white double exposures of his sitters. His sitters include included Dylan Thomas, John Huston, Luchino Visconti.
He lived in poverty. He was known for his angry persona and was fired from Vogue twice!

Francis Bacon commissioned Deakin to take photographs and where Bacon based some of his famous paintings. Bacon rathered working from images that the real thing.
Deakin recognised this work was his true vocation when he wrote:
“Being fatally drawn to the human race, what I want to do when I take a photograph is make a revelation about it. So my sitters turn into my victims. But I would like to add that it is only those with a daemon, however small and of whatever kind, whose faces lend themselves to being victimised at all. And the only complaints I have ever had from my victims have been from the bad ones, the vainies, the meanies”.

John Deakin — Impossible Accidents John Deakin — Impossible Accidents

3. Sølve Sundsbø – Vogue Italia 2013

Beauty Story: Vogue Italia September 2013 by Sølve Sundsbø

Solve Sundsbo is a Norwegian Photographer based in London. He is a fashion photographer and has gained respect for his open mindedness towards new technologies, 3-D scanning and hand-painted retouching. He has shot for many publications from Italian vogue to Chanel and is represented by Art and Commerce.
His photographs are beautiful, delicate and gives another dimension to the images.

Solve Sundsbø fa903b97ba16353f020be4a6a5fe0793

4. Thomas Couderc and Clement Vauchez known as Helmo

This is a creative French Duo known as Helmo. They consistently produce stunning photo sets and experimental projects and this is nothing less that perfect. They used silkscreen and made blue portraits of humans and red animal portraits and over lay them. They then projected red or blue lights allowing to sometimes see the human portrait and others the animal or sometimes both. This project was called “Betes de Mode”.

5. Christoffer Relander – We are Nature

(Camera double exposures)
Christoffer Relander was born in Finland December 1986 and grew up in the countryside of Ekenäs. He utilises his in camera multiple exposure and creates the most unique double exposures as black and white. He sells them as limited editions on German etching paper. They are powerful, strong images looking straight into the eyes of a wolf or underneath a tree and portrait of a woman or man. These really are a unique view of the portrait and you can see his where he was brought up influence.