Professional Photography Course

The course has been transformative, from a hobbyist last September to now making my first steps in the professional world […] Such a refreshing alternative to the high-pressure university model, I would particularly recommend the Professional Photography Course to anyone who feels they’ve hit the wall with self-teaching, it will surprise you how quickly skills and techniques that seemed mystifying will become your bread and butter.

Jonny Davies, 31 yrs, UK, Fujifilm X Series

Professional Photography Course

Seriously exceeded all my expectations! Holger is a great photographer, teacher and mentor. He brings professional, up to date expertise and inspires you to dare and realize your full potential as a photographer. The “Professional Photography Course” had me equally or even more skilled and ready for the industry compared to my peers who studied BA Photography at University. Go LIoP!

Caroline Andersson, 25 yrs, Sweden, Nikon D800

Beginners Photography Course

I totally recommend the beginners course, it’s perfect for those interested in a better understanding of the camera in full manual settings. We were blessed with the weather so we could practise both indoors and outdoors. Fun and very well organised. Great choice! A weekend very well spent!

Miriam Prada, 34 yrs, Spain, Canon EOS M5

Professional Photography Course

The Flexible Professional Photography course was a great option to fit around a full time career job. Having finished the course, I am still part of the community and know that I will still have the support of LIoP. I’ve had the privilege of meeting other photographers on the different modules and their varying stages of the programme, and bounced ideas off each other at the mentoring sessions.

Maria Langan, 32 yrs, UK, Canon 70D

Portrait Photography Course

I really couldn’t recommend the London Institute Of Photography enough. My photographic skills have improved massively since I began studying with them. Holger is an amazing teacher he is very easy to get along with and has a vast pool of knowledge from which to help you learn. Your money will be well spent here.

Gareth Griffiths, 37 yrs, UK, Fuji XT1

Lightroom Course

This course was an excellent and much-needed crash course during which I was introduced to some really helpful principles about file management and workflow that I will be putting into use straight away. The teacher is very knowledgeable not only about the technical aspects required to be a photographer, but also has a firm grasp of the history of photography and encourages students to think not only technically but artistically. Highly recommended!

Dolly Brown, 35 yrs, USA, Fuji XT1