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At London Institute of Photography we pride ourselves having the best ratings in the industry. Read firsthand experiences from our past students and how we've helped shape their creative paths and photography careers.


Professional Photography Course

The Professional Photography Course (PPC) at LIoP is honestly the most comprehensive and practically equipping course for anyone looking to become a professional photographer. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the UK. I constantly found that I was learning more than I expected, and the course design really enables each student to explore and gain practical experience in the most sought after areas of photography, and set them up for professional practice in whichever area they choose to focus. [...] I'm so happy that I took the leap and signed up for PPC. It has really put me in the best position to move forward in the world of photography with confidence.

Ruth Samuels


Product Photography Course

I enjoyed the 4 day Product Photography Course. It was 'well-paced' with just the right amount of detail. The instructor was very knowledgable, enthusiastic and helpful. The course covered professional lighting set-ups and the various techniques uses to capture Still Life. The final day was an exciting project as chosen by the individual students which pulled everything together and produced professional images. I can absolutely recommend the course

Andrew Atkinson


Professional Photography Course

The course was absolutely life changing. I now feel so equipped to enter the world of professional photography and I have really come to understand my own style and vision as an individual photographer. Each module enhanced my technical knowledge hugely but was also artistically inspiring. We learned a breadth of skills and then were given time and support to develop our own concept and therefore express our own identity as photographers in each module.[...] I am excited that this is just the beginning of my journey as a professional photographer and I can keep in touch with the team!

Clara Daisy


Complete Foundation Photography Course

Prior to the course my technical knowledge around cameras and photography was very limited. I learnt so much in such a short space of time [...] I found the balance between classroom study and location practical exercises just right, with the surrounding Shoreditch area offering lots of great subject matter. Less than one week on from starting the course I'm already out putting together photography portfolios and editing them using the LightRoom suite skills learnt on the course. Thanks for all your help Holger!

Simon Heaton


Complete Foundation Photography Course

I have so far taken the Complete Foundation course, and cannot recommend it highly enough. Super well organised, very clear content and a lovely balance between technical content (learning to use the camera manually) and aesthetic / conceptual ideas. I have learned so much in a short space of time and now feel like I am working with, not against the camera.

Jacqueline Eaves


Beginners Photography Course

I gave the LiOP a 5 star review because the course really was eye opening for me. I took the Beginners Photography course and truthfully learned a lot, even after watching some photography videos on YouTube. [...] The focus of the LiOP is truly on the client to help them in achieving their goals whether it's a basic understanding of manual photo mode or those that are looking at a career in photography.

Udhay Dasoar


Professional Photography Course

If you are thinking of taking a photography course, THIS IS THE ONE!! Holger was the best tutor making sure everything is understood. I have spent a few years trying to understand the exposure triangle and Holger has explained it to never leave my brain again. So much hands one experience in the heart of Brick Lane. Was given detailed feedback throughout the course and just a really amazing experience. Will definitely be returning to take more courses. Thank you Holger for giving me lifelong learning and putting me on my photographic journey.

Naheed Khan


Professional Photography Course

The course has been transformative, from a hobbyist last September to now making my first steps in the professional world […] Such a refreshing alternative to the high-pressure university model, I would particularly recommend the Professional Photography Course to anyone who feels they’ve hit the wall with self-teaching, it will surprise you how quickly skills and techniques that seemed mystifying will become your bread and butter.

Jonny Davies


Professional Photography Course

Seriously exceeded all my expectations! Holger is a great photographer, teacher and mentor. He brings professional, up to date expertise and inspires you to dare and realize your full potential as a photographer. The “Professional Photography Course” had me equally or even more skilled and ready for the industry compared to my peers who studied BA Photography at University. Go LIoP!

Caroline Andersson


Beginners Photography Course

I totally recommend the beginners course, it’s perfect for those interested in a better understanding of the camera in full manual settings. We were blessed with the weather so we could practise both indoors and outdoors. Fun and very well organised. Great choice! A weekend very well spent!

Miriam Prada


Professional Photography Course

The Flexible Professional Photography course was a great option to fit around a full time career job. Having finished the course, I am still part of the community and know that I will still have the support of LIoP. I’ve had the privilege of meeting other photographers on the different modules and their varying stages of the programme, and bounced ideas off each other at the mentoring sessions.

Maria Langan


Portrait Photography Course

I really couldn’t recommend the London Institute Of Photography enough. My photographic skills have improved massively since I began studying with them. Holger is an amazing teacher he is very easy to get along with and has a vast pool of knowledge from which to help you learn. Your money will be well spent here.

Gareth Griffiths


Lightroom Course

This course was an excellent and much-needed crash course during which I was introduced to some really helpful principles about file management and workflow that I will be putting into use straight away. The teacher is very knowledgeable not only about the technical aspects required to be a photographer, but also has a firm grasp of the history of photography and encourages students to think not only technically but artistically. Highly recommended!

Dolly Brown