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Professional Photography Course

  • Beginner & Intermediate Level
  • 160 hours
  • 8 students maximum
  • In person

Turn your passion for photography into a thriving career with our flagship Professional Photography Course. 10 comprehensive modules cover all commercially relevant topics, while receiving personalised mentoring will guide you in developing a signature style and personal brand that will set you apart in the industry.

This course offers in-depth training led by established professional photographers with extensive industry expertise and is perfectly suited for both beginners and intermediate photographers.

Is this course right for me?

This course is designed for those who want to pursue photography as a career or enthusiasts who want to reach a professional standard. It’s perfect for students who want to develop their unique visual language and brand while master the technical aspects of photography.

Working with professionals in the industry, the PPC enables students to confidently manage and market their photography business or progress onto an academic career, catering to those with busy lifestyles by providing flexibility and accommodating their schedules.

Do you have further questions? Please check our FAQ page or send an email to bookings@liop.co.uk to book a call with us.

What can I expect?

  • Learn all aspects of professional photography

    During the PPC you will explore and master a diverse range of photography genres and editing techniques, while gaining essential business acumen to excel in the industry.

    Each of the 10 modules equips you with genre-specific knowledge, from directing subjects, conducting your own photoshoots to mastering various lighting techniques.

  • Taught by established professional photographers

    London Institute of Photography is run entirely by established professional photographers, teaching in their field of expertise.

    Our hand-selected team of tutors will share their experience and industry knowledge, providing constant support throughout your course journey.

  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate photographers

    The PPC is perfect for both Beginners and Intermediate students, regardless of prior experience. With a clearly structured curriculum starting from the basics, small class sizes, and a practice-driven approach, we accelerate your journey to a professional level in the shortest time possible.

  • Flexible schedule tailored to you

    The PPC is available with 4 schedule options to accommodate the diverse requirements and busy lifestyle of our students.

    The Full-Time PPC runs over 10 weeks, alternating between day-time and evening modules and allows students to develop their skills and reach an industry-ready level within two and a half months.

    For those looking for part-time options, we recommend the One Day a Week PPC which runs every Friday for 9 months and omits English school holidays, and the Weekend PPC with a duration of about 5 months.

    For students requiring maximum flexibility, we offer the Flexible PPC which allows you to tailor your schedule module by module over a 2 to 9-month period.

  • Develop your own style

    Having your own style or brand is crucial to succeed as a professional photographer. By exploring of all fields of digital photography and personalised guidance in a series of mentoring sessions, the PPC enables you to develop your own signature style, turn it into a brand and career.

  • Emphasis on preparing you for the market

    The PPC equips students with all the skills necessary to begin working immediately after the course. We help students develop both short-term and long-term business strategies, enabling them to enter high-demand, low-competition sectors right away while simultaneously establishing their long-term brand.

  • Your own website and portfolio

    During the course, you’ll develop your own website and printed portfolio that showcase your unique style and brand . These essential tools will help you make a powerful entrance into the professional market and provide a solid foundation to build upon after completion.

  • A Professional Photography Course certificate

    After completion, you will receive a printed version of our prestigious certificate, stating your successful completion of the Professional Photography Course.

  • After-course support

    This course is designed to support you at every stage of their career. You will be able to join our PPC WhatsApp Group which is an informal platform for current PPC students and alumni to mingle, ask questions, help each other, join forces and exchange knowledge. After the PPC, we are always available to provide a helping hand as you continue to navigate the fascinating, ever-changing world of photography.

  • Do you have any other questions about the PPC?

    Please check our FAQ page or send an email to bookings@liop.co.uk to book a call with us

What do I need?

Digital Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) with Manual Exposure Mode, an external hard drive, a laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop installed.

If you’re planning to purchase your own camera, why not check out our article on Which cameras and lenses we recommend for Beginners?


Skilled and Ready for the Industry

“One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was attending LIoP to study the professional photography course. I started out as a complete beginner and after only 10 weeks I can confidently say I’m ready to work as a professional. Holger Pooten and his team of highly qualified professionals taught with such passion and care that I was able to grow in a way I never imagined possible. There was a sense of freedom and encouragement I have not experienced at any other institution I’ve studied in. I walk away with not only great knowledge, a portfolio I’m proud of but also a family I’ve been welcomed into.”

Vincenzo Di Bella
Professional Photography Course Alumni

The 10 modules

The Professional Photography Course encompasses a diverse range of photography genres, including fashion, still life, portrait, and street photography, as well as post-production and business aspects.

Regardless of your specific interests, each genre offers valuable insights to help shape and enhance your personal style.

Booking options

The PPC can be completed in 4 ways: Full-Time over the course of 10 weeks, One-Day-a-Week (Fridays), tailored to a Flexible schedule within 2 to 9 months or on Weekends alone.

Full Time


The 10-week Full Time PPC alternates between daytime and evening modules. It’s ideal for students looking to pack their learnings into the shortest space of time.

The first week is a daytime module (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu, 10am – 4pm) and the second week an evening module (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu, 6.30 – 9.00pm), and so on.

In the weeks when modules are taught in the evening, students are encouraged to do personal work during the day.

Download a sample Full Time Professional Photography Course schedule HERE.

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Weekend Course


The Weekend PPC allows students to complete the entire programme on 15 weekends, spread in regular intervals over the course of about 5 months. This schedule option is especially popular with students who work full time.

You can download a sample Weekend Professional Photography Course schedule HERE.

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Flexible Course


This course gives students the complete flexibility to tailor their schedule to study modules at weekends, weekdays and evenings. Download the Flexible PPC timetable guideline HERE and simply select the module dates from the menu below.

Select dates for the modules

Complete Foundation Photography Course

Lightroom Classic Course

Street and Documentary Photography Course

Photoshop Course

Portrait Photography Course

Photography Careers Course

Fashion Photography Course

Web Design for Photographers

Product Photography Course

Portfolio Printing

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One-day-a-week Course


The One-Day-a-Week course runs every Friday 10am – 4pm and is the perfect option for students who want to complete the PPC on a single weekday.

English school holidays are omitted and the overall duration is of the course is about 8 months.

Download a sample timetable for the One-Day-a-Week PPC HERE.

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Not ready to commit to the PPC yet? We also have Short Courses and you can upgrade to the Professional Photography Course anytime. Learn more

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