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Fashion Photography Course

  • A good knowledge of the Complete Foundation Photography Course syllabus is required
  • 4 Days / 20 Hours
  • 6 students maximum
  • In person

An inspirational introduction to the artistic, fast-paced world off fashion photography, this is the perfect course for photographers who want to develop their skills in advanced lighting and image composition for the fashion industry.

Along with key photographic practices and guided by a renown professional, fashion photography students will learn industry-specific techniques and gain practical experience vital for working in the studio for fashion publications and commissions.

What is the course about?

This career-focused Fashion Photography Course offers a comprehensive blend of practical and technical skills required for photographers aiming to work in the industry. Learn from industry experts with works featured in Vogue, 125 Magazine, and GQ Magazine, and benefit from their invaluable insight into the fashion world.

Throughout the course, you will critique published fashion shots for lighting and camera set-up, explore advanced lighting techniques to achieve various effects and  create mood boards. You’ll also learn how to plan, organise, and conduct your own fashion shoot. Engage with professional photographers who will work alongside you, sharing their in-depth knowledge and experience.

On the final day, you’ll lead a team of stylist and models from top London agencies in your own fashion shoot at a professional rental studio in Barking/East London, building a captivating portfolio that showcases your unique artistic or commercial vision.

For your final shoot, we provide a basic selection of outfits and offer students the opportunity to bring their own outfits should they choose to give a more personal touch to their photos.

What will the course cover?

  • Lighting equipment & light shapers

  • Lighting theory - size, distance and direction of light

  • Measuring light through incident-light meters

  • Backgrounds & props to use in Fashion Photography

  • Using mood boards to create a brief

  • Looking at current editorial styles and images by renowned fashion photographers

  • Rembrandt, Butterfly & Clamshell lighting

  • Background lighting, fill & hair lighting

  • Tethered shooting & integrated digital post-production

  • Standard lighting styles & studio set-ups

  • Directing your fashion shoot, with a model & stylist

What skills will I acquire?

  • Conduct your own fashion shoot

  • Critique published fashion shots for light & camera set-up

  • Use the principles of lighting to create different effects

  • Lead a team of models & stylists

  • Build your own artistic or commercial portfolio from your shots

What do I need?

A laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed (can be a free trial) and an external hard drive for the file transfer.

Booking options

The Fashion Photography Course can be completed on 4 consecutive weekdays or two consecutive weekends.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 10am – 4pm
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2 weekends, Saturday & Sunday, 10am — 4pm
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