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What camera should I buy?

  • Tutorials
  • 14/10/17

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

Why do you want a camera?
This might seem like a rather silly question but it is important to think about your end goal.

Here below are some questions to help you with your choice:

– Would your camera phone/a small compact camera work for you or do you need a DSLR?

– When will you use your camera? Is it for travelling, or for street photography? Would you be using it in a studio with a tripod or for photographing weddings?

– Is your camera for social media and blogging only or would you like it for printing large fine art prints and for making photo books?

– Do you want to enter competitions and show your photographs in a gallery? This might influence your decision to choose whether your camera’s sensor should be full frame or cropped.

– Are you using post-production or do you want to take your images in the camera ready to upload/print?

– How does the camera feel in your hands?

– Are the dials and buttons in convenient locations?

And lastly;

What’s your budget?