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Top Tips for Still Life Photography

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  • 08/07/18

Since having Barbara Metz from the infamous Metz and Racine join us to give a Talk at our Show 2018. We wanted to discuss Still Life in this post and give you some Top Tips to achieve this genre of photography. Still life is perfect for the long exposures that were required to capture the image at the beginning of photography but of course, technology has advanced quickly and look at us now!

Being slow and meticulous is part of the course with Still Life. As the photographer, you have complete control over the situation, including the subject matter but you have to think very carefully to what you want to shoot, the colour palette, the direction of the camera which leads us onto saying

Choose subjects you are interested in. You don’t need to stick to the classic flowers or fruit in the bowl. Check out Carl Kleiner’s work too and of course, places like Pinterest for ideas.

Get very comfortable with Light and lighting. You can use natural light or if you want complete control you need to find a room where you can block out natural light.

Tripods are essential as you will be moving your still life by mm’s so you need to have your camera on a tripod as a reference point.

Choose the right Background to create a mood.

Take time to compose your shoot and take all day if it needs.

or if you still want more and hands-on tutoring, come join us on our Product Photography Course.