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Portrait Photography Course

  • A good knowledge of the Complete Foundation Photography Course is required
  • 4 Days 2 Weekends / 20 Hours
  • 6 students maximum
  • In person

Portraiture is an intricate blend of capturing the personality of the subject and expressing the creative vision of the photographer. This captivating intersection of individuality and artistry is the crux of our popular Portrait Photography Course. During the 4-day Portrait Photography Course, you’ll master the art of capturing stunning and evocative portraits. Using different set-ups you, will learn essential techniques, such as lighting, posing and building rapport with the model to create visually striking images.

What is this course about?

Portrait photography, while being one of the most challenging genres, offers a wealth of creative and commercial opportunities. This course is perfect for photographers seeking to develop their portrait skills and build a compelling portfolio.

In our 4-day Portrait Photography Course, you will gain a deep understanding of the techniques and principles required and the various aspects of portrait photography, such as lighting, composition, and working with subjects. You will explore different lighting setups, including natural light and studio lighting and learn to modify and control them effectively. Additionally, we cover the ins and outs of a portrait shoot: Time for Print, model releases, fees and the does and don’ts.

We cover posing techniques and strategies for building rapport with your subjects, helping them to feel at ease to capture genuine emotions and expressions.

Using mood boards and analysing the work of renown portrait photographers, you will build up for your portrait shoot with a model on the last day of the course. Here you will conduct your own portrait shoot from start to finish, leaving the course with ready to print files.

What will the course cover?

  • Introduction to portrait photography

  • Works of renowned portrait photographers

  • Choosing the right lenses & other camera equipment for your subject

  • Composition

  • Studio portraiture & effective 1 light portrait lighting

  • Rembrandt lighting

  • Ambient light and how to modulate it

  • Reflectors, scrims and flags

  • Directing your subject, putting them at ease to achieve the best results

  • Working with models & model releases

What skills will I acquire?

  • Direct your subjects, including helping them to feel at ease

  • Control daylight & studio lights to achieve different effects

  • Tell a story through portraiture

  • Produce a series of portrait photographs for your artistic or commercial portfolio

What do I need?

Digital Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) with Manual Exposure Mode, laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic (can be a free trial)

If you don’t own your own digital camera, you can hire a professional grade DSLR (Canon or Nikon) from us for £20/day. Simply email us with your requirements.

Booking options

The Portrait Photography Course can be completed on 4 consecutive weekdays or two consecutive weekends.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 10am – 4pm
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2 weekends, Saturday & Sunday, 10am — 4pm
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