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Photography Careers Course

  • Intermediate Level
  • 2 Days or 4 Evenings / 10 Hours
  • 8 students maximum
  • In person

The Photography Careers Course is designed to provide aspiring professional photographers with the essential knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the industry. Drawing from 20 years of experience, our award-winning director shares invaluable insights into the crucial steps for launching a successful photography business.

Gain an understanding of the entire job workflow and the importance of branding in photography. On the final day, you will receive personalised feedback on your work, ways to improve it and refine your style.

What is the course about?

Are you passionate about photography and considering turning it into a career? Our Photography Careers Course is here to help you navigate the exciting world of professional photography. Success in the industry requires more than just technical skills and creative vision; it demands a deep understanding of the business side, too.

In this course, we’ll explore topics like marketing strategies, essential photography genres, photographers’ fees, copyrights, usage rights, and professional ways to present and market yourself. With the guidance of our award-winning director and his 20 years of industry experience, you’ll learn the ins and outs of managing a photography business.

Throughout the course, we’ll discuss the entire job workflow, emphasise the importance of branding and how to define your unique style, enabling you to connect with clients and stand out in a competitive market. On the final day, you’ll receive personalised feedback on your work, as well as tips for refining your style and improving your portfolio.

What will the course cover?

  • The photography market: fashion, portrait, still life, editorial, advertising, stock, fine art, annual reports, wedding etc.

  • The photographer as a brand

  • Professional presentation methods: social media, portfolios & web pages

  • Agents: their role and how to find one

  • The photography job workflow from start to finish

  • Copyrights & usage rights

  • Photography insurance and contracts

  • Estimates & invoices

  • Individual portfolio review and ways to refine and structure it

What skills will I acquire

  • Define your signature, artistic style and your brand

  • Express your style in a portfolio of your images

  • Have a sound understanding of the market for photography

  • Develop your own marketing strategy

Booking options

The Photography Careers Course can be completed on 4 consecutive evenings or on 1 weekend.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 6.30 — 9pm
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Saturday & Sunday, 10am — 4pm
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