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Will Bunce – Minimalism’s Simple Beauty

  • Talks
  • 11/01/19

“William is a Still Life Photographer and Director, working across fine art, editorial and advertising platforms.
He has a graphic and minimalist style that evokes a sense of luxury and simple beauty.

Frequently experimenting with narrative landscapes and the interaction between inanimate objects surrounding us in everyday life. Creating a visual language where there is a playful but intelligent balance between the odd and the familiar.
William graduated from Falmouth University in 2010, with first class honours, and since been working from London.”

Clients include: Wallpaper*, Esquire, GQ,  Vogue Arabia,  Avaunt, Rakesprogress, Time Magazine,
Glossier, Microsoft, Garmin,  Wildsmith,  Lodha, Lacoste, Dr Martens, Haig Club, Chantelle Lingerie, Philharmonia Orchestra, Orlebar Brown,  Alvaro Gonzales, Sekford,  Wenger,  Eye,  Brummell, Royal Exchange, OK:RM, Glimpse, Refugees UK,”