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What is a Polarizing filter and do I need one?

  • Tutorials
  • 08/10/17
Polarising filter

In a nutshell- YES.

What does this little baby give you?

It changes the way your camera will interact with the light.

This little object will view reflections and glare on a whole different spectrum plus change the vibrancy of the colours. It works best with water and the sky.

Now, that being said, if you just want a filter to protect your lens, you can buy a cheaper sister version but called a UV filter.

Be warned, this won’t affect your image but a polarizing filter does!

It can change the exposure of your photograph. It can stop down one whole stop or even 2 stops…. This means it is like popping on a pair of sunglasses!

There are circular polarising filters (just means you simply spin the filter until you get the effect you want.) and to create the best effect, you should have the sun 90 degrees to the camera, that means not backlit or in front of the camera.

Polarizing filters have the most impact on sunny days so no need to take it on the colder, wetter, duller days.

Final Tip: check on your lens for the diameter and buy accordingly and guess what…..the larger the diameter of your lens … the more money you will pay for it!