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Use Mind Maps in Photography

  • Tutorials
  • 16/04/17

Of course, we need to know how to master the technical side of our cameras.

Use Mind Maps in Photography

You need to be able to understand why you are using certain exposures to get the type of image you want – but, like learning to ride a bike, once you have mastered it you can then focus on the creative element.

Photography is one of those things that once you have a little, you want a lot, but with so many different photographers, so many styles, so many genres, so many books, so many cameras…. where do you begin? How do you build your OWN concepts and ideas?

We can use the classical mind map to help to break through the creative barrier – something which we do very successfully on our London Intermediate Photography Course. But what is this classical mind map? Well, it is essentially a structured way to brainstorm, with the idea being to select a basic theme and then to create multiple chains of association that we link back to the original theme. It’s fun!

To do it, follow these steps:
– Grab a big notepad
– You start with a basic term, for example “Portraiture”, as a first-generation word, writing it at the centre of a blank sheet of paper
– Then you write words that you freely associate with the basic terms (like studio, identity, candid, light etc) as second-generation words around it, connecting them with a line
– Now treat every word of the second generation like the first, which means you freely associate third-generation terms around each of the second-generation words.
– After the 4th or 5th generation you have dozens of interesting and creative ideas to give you a variation on the original theme “Portraiture”

This gives you a personal insight into what you like and your vision.

Interested in flexing your creative muscles and enrolling on a photography course in London? Then contact us today and speak with our friendly staff!