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Top Tips for Architectural Photography

  • Tutorials
  • 25/08/18

This month’s challenge is on Architectural Photography so we wanted to share some tips to help get you on your way. The deadline is the end of the month so there is just enough time to get a photograph and submit it.

  1. Shoot at a variety of times in the day including different weather conditions.
  2. Good lighting is a must and choosing the time of day you shoot will create this mood for you. Think about what you want to say and analyze which time of day is best for this.
  3. Look for a different or unique angle. Move around the subject and use a lens that might not be considered “correct”.
  4. Photograph the details as much as the wide angle shot
  5. If you don’t have that tilt-shift lens to correct your parallel lines. Don’t be afraid to use photoshop to correct it.
  6. Invest in your equipment. A wide angle lens and a polarising lens are two items you will need. A tripod will allow you to shoot in low light conditions and at night.
  7. Revisit the location and do research on the building. Why do you want to photograph it? What memories does it hold for you or do you appreciate the architect and that genre of architecture?