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Top 5 – Street Photography

  • Inspiration
  • 26/01/19

This month’s challenge is Street Photography. Here are our Top 5:

  1. Harry Gruyaert
    This is a photographer born in the 1940’s in Belgium. He was born to a family where his father ruled the roost and Gruyaert wanted to get away to be able to be free. He is known for his colour photography and he moved from film to digital and inkjet printing was paramount for him to able to achieve the tones he wanted when he swapped. He thinks in colour, he frames the picture in colour.  When things all come together perfectly, he feels it physically. Photography is a vital need for him.
  2. Tatsuo Suzuki
    Tatsuo is a street photographer based in Japan. He works with black and white a lot with the splash of colour images on his Instagram account. His images are close up and many are caught portraits of people connecting with the camera. He will be a judge in Rome 26-28th April 2019 for Italian Street festival.
  3. Joana Saramago
    LIoP’s very own trainer, Joana, from Portugal but based in London. She shares a wonderful street narrative in her own home town. It is interesting understanding Portugal from a local as it has changed so dramatically in the last number of years (being the European country of choice to move to). She has trained as a graphic designer but her photography specializes in reportage and portraiture. Check her out!
  4. Henry Wessel
    Wessel was born in 1942 in New Jersey. His work has been shown in many locations including the Tate Modern. His narrative in his photography is not always clear in the beginning and with studying contact sheets with perhaps decades in between allows him to see his subject with distance. He created a series called Incidents this way. It is work without words and is a portfolio of 27 photographs. They are of ordinary moments in everyday lives.
  5. Thomas Jordan
    An American photographer based in Illinois. He is self-taught and captures simple but surreal images. He sells his prints online but also sells them in a gallery. He was included in Aesthetica 2018 – new artist. He is currently in production for publishing his book Instant Honey which will be out in March 2019.