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Top 5 – Shadows

  • Inspiration
  • 23/02/18

What is it about shadows? Shadows and the type of shadow are as important as looking at the light and how it falls. Depending on the light source you can have hard, defined shadows or you can have soft, undefined shadows.

Here are 5 photographers using shadows as an essential part of their work.

Here are our top 5:

1. André Kertész

A Hungarian Photographer called André Kertész,  contributed greatly to the photo-essay. He has a natural talent and style for geometry in his images including an emotional connection. He was not interested in what his subjects were looking at but focusing on the act of looking. It was Henri Cartier-Bresson who perhaps provided the most fitting tribute when he said: “Each time André Kertész’s shutter clicks, I feel his heart beating.”  

2. Jack Davison 

Jack Davison is a young talent, who at the age of 27 has created fantastic work. He has already photographed for big names in editorial and advertising. He is all about the spontaneity in his images. Davison might experiment with the image after taking it, ripping or scratching the negative. His work stands out because of the choice of the intense and interesting use of light and shadows. He got noticed for his work he documented people in USA – called 26 States.

3. Valérie Six

Valérie Six is a French contemporary street photographer with an interesting use of colour and even more interesting use of light. She left her job in 2014 and started to work as a photographer. She won lots of awards and was selected as one of top 30 top Instagram accounts. Her work has featured in many street photography, contemporary art and web platforms.

4. Lucien Hervé 

Lucien Hervé is known as the famous modernist architecture photographer. In 1949, Hervé was commissioned by a magazine to photograph Unite d’Habitation. The 650 images he took was rejected by the magazine saying that he didn’t understand architectural photography. This did not stop Hervé, he sent the images to Le Corbusier himself, who adored his work and said Hervé had  “a soul of an architect”.   They continued to work in collaboration until Le Corbusier’s death. Hervé is one of the most celebrated architectural photographers in the 20th century. He makes meticulous yet poetic images sculpted by light and shadows. His images are bare, abstract and high angled.

5. Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen is a Dutch photographer who spent three years in Africa in her youth. This made a huge impact on her life. She is a fashion photographer and also an artist. She comments photography allows her to explore the two sides of her personality. The fashion work allows her to explore her extroverted side working within a large team while her artwork explores her introverted side – she works alone. She uses bright colour and uses hard light including having lots of wonderful shadows.