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Top 5 – Juxtaposition

  • Inspiration
  • 26/07/19

Juxtaposition- this month’s challenge theme. Makes you think and work hard and hopefully make you slow down. We have put together a lovely selection of photographers who have used Juxtaposition in an interesting way. Give it a go. What do you have to lose? Nada. Only a chance to win £150 voucher to go towards one of our photography courses in London.

  1. Arno Rafael Minkkinen
    Mr. Minkinnen is a very, interesting photographer. He takes self-portraits with a twist. You don’t always see him as the main subject in his images but a part of him can be seen. His hands, his mouth, his arms. Might I add always black and white, always film, one exposure with no retouching.
  2. Robin Ek
    The fear of our world ending, countered with the curiosity of new and undiscovered worlds… Robin Ek wonders if this juxtaposition of ideas is something that connects us.
    Looking at this poetic series, he wonders if other people have similar dreams.
  3. Erwin Blumenfeld
    This was a photographer born in Germany but lived in the USA. He produced an extensive body of work including drawings, collages, portraits and nudes, celebrity portraiture, advertising campaigns and his renowned fashion photography both in black and white and colour.
  4. Luke Saxon
    His work is a bright and bold, a light-hearted look at British life- British himself. He has a fantastic eye for detail and he seems to capture that impossibly perfect moment. One of his influencers was Martin Parr. He likes to take images of the every day.
  5. Moises Levy
    Moises Levy is an established Architect,  who lives in Mexico City. He has been working since 1990 on his photography. Most of his images are Black and white and are of street photography. In terms of juxtaposition. He nails it!