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Top 5 – Frame within a Frame

  • Inspiration
  • 22/12/18

This month’s challenge is Frame within a frame. We have an interesting selection of our Top 5 to give you some ideas of subtle ways of achieving this along with the more obvious.

  1. Elene Shengelia
    One of our own student’s, Elene is producing some wonderful work and some really amazing frame within a frame. Her compositions are unusual and she uses shafts of light and large dark areas to emphasize her subjects. There is a documentary feel to the street images with many not engaging with the camera but caught at a perfect moment in time. Keep a watch out for this photographer.
  2. Robert Mapplethorpe
    This particular image from the famous Robert Mapplethorpe is from “The Black book” published in the 1980s and is a homage to the black male body. This is some of his most controversial work and accomplished work. Mapplethorpe is simply a fantastic and important photographer to study.
  3. Eliot Elisofon
    A New Yorker born in 1911, he started his career as a social worker and ‘snapping’ pictures in his spare time. His first paid work was in advertising but this is not where his heart is at.  He is known as one of the first photographers to extensively document Africa in photographs. He worked in Life magazine.
  4. Cody Cobb
    This is an American and has been named by PND as one of 30 emerging photographers to watch in 2018. His photographs attempt to capture brief moments of stillness from the chaos of nature. Through subtle arrangements of light and geometry, the illusion of structure appears as a mystical visage.
  5. Ziqian Liu
    Liu is self-taught and she has a series on self-portrait and mirrors. These are simply poetic. Her choice of crop and use of frame within a frame can teach us many things about life, our journey, and beautifulness. Her images make you stop and meditate. She speaks from the heart and wants the viewer to feel what she feels when she takes an image. Wonderful work.