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Top 5 – Food Photography

  • Inspiration
  • 21/07/18

Food Photography is so exciting these days. You can use natural light, studio light, have a blog, create a recipe book, the list is endless and all styles are welcome. Long gone is stuffing the chicken with odd elements or painting it with dye to create a cooked, looking plump tasty, unedible chicken!

With International and important competitions like Pink Lady food photographer to sink your teeth (literally) into, including many categories from Food blogging to Politics of Food to Production and InterContinental. You will be feeling hungry. So put the kettle on and make yourself a brew and look at our Top 5 to give you some inspiration.

1. David Loftus

David Loftus has been given the title of the 65th most influential photographer of all times by Professional Photographer. He uses only daylight and has photographed in particular for Jamie Oliver. This book sold over 30 million. Pretty impressive!  He works closely with the digital photographic brand Hipstamatic and has developed the most successful downloadable camera pack to date – the “Loftus Lens”. He has photographed for other advertising clients such as American Express, Dove, Fortnum & Mason, Nespresso, Pizza Express and the more!

2. Eva Kosmas Flores

What does Eva not do? She holds a secret supper, workshops, photographer, blogger, branding person and has Lightroom presets to buy. She adores food, countryside and is making a very good go at what she loves doing. She has a seriously tight brand and a joy to look at her images.

3. Irving Penn

Irving Penn has to come up in this list as he is just magical. “He sketched almost everything he photographed and the photographs looked exactly like his sketches.” – Vogue. He was a perfectionist. With a surrealist edge on his food photography, often shooting in high key. Penn saw beauty in all things and in every stage of life.

4. Jonathan Gregson

Jonathan Gregson is a multi-award winning food, travel and still life photographer. He is based in Central London and has won a list full of awards, from the winner of Lata Media awards to winner of Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Awards. He is a commercial photographer and one to watch.

5. Linda Lomelino

Linda has another very distinctive style. Her images are darker and moodier. She started a blog in 2009 when cupcakes were all the rage and started her blog. She then discovered her passion for baking along with taking images and the rest is history. Her styling is really beautiful too. Love, love, love.