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Top 5 – Architecture

  • Inspiration
  • 18/08/18

Architectural photography can be images of both interiors and exteriors of buildings. Images are usually taken with a deep depth of field and the use of perspective control is paramount. You might have noticed when you take an image with a wide angle lens the vertical lines converge. In general, you want to avoid this in architectural photography and the way you can is using either a tilt-shift lens, use a view camera or in post-production.  It is achieved by positioning the focal plane of the camera at so that it is perpendicular to the ground.

So here are your top 5 Architectural photographers

1.Toshio Shibata

Shibata has traveled across Japan and the United States during a 30 year span.
He has produced a stunning collection of images that show how humans have shaped the surrounding world. His background is in painting and he mixes this with documentary realism. He doesn’t want to shame us for destroying nature but to show us powers we have on the impact humanity has had on the world.

2. Hélène Binet

“Hélène Binet has emerged as one of the leading architectural photographers in the world. Every time Hélène Binet takes a photograph, she exposes architecture’s achievements, strength, pathos, and fragility.” (Daniel Libeskind) Binet was born in 1960, studied in Rome and was always interested in Architecture. She has a large client list including Zaha Hadid being able to create something magical with magical architecture. She is now implementing her ideas of architecture onto the landscape.

3. Arch McLeish

McLeish is not only a photographer but also an art director and graphic artist. He is based in both London and NYC. His photographic images are soft but graphic. Soft using warm sunsets but graphic by the shapes and angles he has decided to position the camera in relation to the subject. Mute, symmetrical and layered these images create quiet tension.

4. Caterana Tonne Fleur

Caterina is one of LIoP’s talented trainers.  Caterina moves around her subject, choosing unusual stances which forces you to look at the world with different eyes.  Her portraits are almost like architectural images. She captures the subject while they are mid-expression or movement surrounded in the carefully composed architecture. Her images make you unconsciously finish or start the movement of both her images with and without people. One of her images, for example, is green chairs scattered in Paris leaving the image full of life although there is not a person in sight. She has a clever proposition on her website, where you send her three words and she will send you 10 prints for a small fee.

5. Laurent Kronental

Krontental’s Les Yeux des Tours does indeed bring you on a journey of looking out portals displaying a landscape of architecture while keeping it contained within the image. This is a project that took two years. He harmonizes the play of colour on the inside aswell as the outside. This is an 18th tower bringing you into people’s homes.  This series is a reminder that perspective is nothing without an angle.