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Tips to organize your photographs in Lightroom

  • Tutorials
  • 17/09/17

There is NO need for Multiple catalogues as previously thought.

It was argued that a photographer should make a new catalogue or a multiple catalogues every 20,000 images otherwise your Lightroom would slow down. Tests have been done and this is not the case.
You only need One catalogue.

If you have years of unsorted images waiting to be sorted. Now is the time to start. You don’t need to do it all at once though- that is just too daunting but you can create a folder in your folder list and drag all the unsorted, messy folders and place them inside. This means you can have time to work on each folder little by little and your new and improve imported images will have a new folder structure.
Make the folder structure work for you.
This could be dates or a location.

Use Collections:

Using collections in Lightroom is more important than ever because this is where all your best images should be stored. Think of Collections as a photo album. Look at your photos in the Folders panel and go through them individually.

Collection Sets is where your can STORE  your collections. For example, if you travelled to France instead of saying Day one, Day two etc while including each of the different locations. You can make a Collection set and call it France and then you can have a number of collections inside that set i.e. each city.

Smart Collections is when you select rules and filter the images.
TIP: You cannot add an image to a Smart Collection by dragging and dropping it into the collection.

Trust us, the sooner the better to get your photographs organised. If this seems too daunting  join us for one of our Lightroom courses at LIoP.