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Tips for buying a Tripod

  • Tutorials
  • 22/02/20

Don’t underestimate the power of the Tripod. Albeit that some photographers loathe them as they feel trapped by this cantankerous contraption but to really get some images with absolutely no movement and as sharp as a pin it is crucial. So here are some tips on buying one.

  1. Make sure that it will hold your equipment. holding an iPhone compared to big DSLR plus lens and flash are two different types of Tripods.
  2. Height- Different tripods maximum height varies, this is good to know if you need to get up higher or if you are tall.
  3. Extend the thickest legs first and then the thinner ones to have the sturdiest of tripods.
  4. Extend the center column last and only if you must.
  5. Some tripods have the ability to remove the center column and this might be so you can lower your tripod almost flat.
  6. Protect your tripod from debris such as saltwater or sand- rust alert
  7. A really important and interesting fact is to turn off your image stabilization on your lens. We know.. crazy ut in fact although it works wonders handheld, on your tripod it can create vibration, go figure.
  8. Might make sense but don’t touch your camera when the exposure is being taken
  9. and although we have probably all done it, don’t carry your camera body or lens on the tripod form one location to another. It is not designed to support it this way.

We hope this helps in making a decision for buying your tripod.

Now go and have fun!