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Stephen Ellcock – The Evolution of Portraiture

  • Talks
  • 30/06/17

“I am a London-based online collector and curator of images, author, researcher and former musician and bookseller who nowadays spends most of my time creating an ever – expanding, virtual museum on Facebook and Instagram.

So far, my ongoing attempt at creating the ultimate social media ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ has attracted more than 180,000 Facebook followers and increasing media attention.

‘Brand Me; The Presentation of the Self in Portraiture’
In this presentation, I will be looking at the history and evolution of portraiture and the presentation of the Self in Art and, in particular, photography from the Parthenon friezes and Egyptian Mummy Portraits to the selfie-saturated maelstrom that is 21st-century social media.”

Stephen Ellcock
Photo: Vivian Maier