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Prop hire in London

  • News
  • 11/01/20

Sticking with the theme of Still life/ Food photography since we have Sue Atkinson’s Masterclass – Back to Basics running next week. We would like to introduce you to equipment hire rentals. These vary but can be big prop hire spaces that have every size, type plate you could think of and more. As part of Sue’s Masterclass, she will be introducing her students to her people in the Industry and one of them is going to be a tour of

  1. Backgrounds Props Hire
    Just as the website states: You imagine it, we have it. They specialise in supplying props and backgrounds for food, interior, lifestyle and product shoots.
  2. London Prop Hire
    London Prop Hire and its associate company 20th Century Props offer an eclectic mix of Props, Furniture and Lighting available for Film, TV, Theatre, Photography, Exhibitions, Window Displays, Events, Parties & Weddings. Their range of props include vintage luggage, lighting, telephones, globes, mannequins, uniforms, radios, cameras, clocks, desks, paintings, books, toys, musical instruments, scales, …… the list goes on !
  3. Modern Props
    They also specialise in Props for the photographic industry and have a wide array of furniture, lighting and accessories.