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Photography School Tips: Try it out yourself

  • Tutorials
  • 20/11/16

Everyone has their own preferences, what are yours?

Photography School Tips: Try it out yourself

No matter how many reviews of anything you research online (for a laptop, camera, lens, etc) your experiences and preferences will always be different from those of a random reviewer. This goes for your images too.

So for example, let’s say you’re interested in shooting with a film camera. Yes, you can read all the information online, ask tutors at LIOP, but you will never truly know the experience until you try it out for yourself.

This is because a camera, a lens will all feel different in different hands. Different photographers will look for different qualities according to what they are trying to achieve, their various technical strengths and weaknesses, their experience, their feel. Some will want lightweight, others will want fast auto focus, others will want the buttons in a particular place. At the end of the day it is about feeling it out for yourself. These cameras have so many megapixels that you will surely not go too far wrong. Once you have manual exposure that is all you need.

If you’ve never shot film, you will never truly understand how the experience is for you, until you actually try it for yourself.

Do you have an idea for a photography project? Don’t ask what others think about your idea. Just try shooting the project. Perhaps after you’ve tried shooting that project, you can show others the photos and ask for their opinion – but not before. Too many opinions can put you off your project or cause you to lose enthusiasm for it.

So, before making a purchase, find a showroom with plenty of different equipment to try out in in an area with plenty of space. For example, Wex Showrooms in Norwich has over 13,000 products from more than 300 manufacturers. Their 4,300 sq. foot showroom is one of the largest in the UK. With dedicated ‘Touch & Try’ displays from Canon, Nikon, Sony and more, you get plenty of opportunity to try things out for size, and take on board the helpful advice on offer. Alternatively, around the country there are Calumet stores that offer weekend rentals for price of one day – a great deal for anyone who’s trying to make up their mind on a particular piece of gear.

So instead of putting all your faith in the opinions and camera reviews of people you don’t know, just try things out for yourself, be prepared to experiment, have faith in your instincts, and base decisions on what’s right for you and your unique needs. That’s what we encourage at the London Institute of Photography, and who knows, the results could be unique, too.

Live a life of self-experimentation, and most importantly have fun.