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Nicholas Goodden – Photography and Digital Marketing

  • Talks
  • 02/08/17

Nico Goodden was born in the UK, when Punk and Disco were all the rage, and was raised in France.

The reason he got into photography is down to a multitude of favourable factors, life experiences and events, which met in the right person at the right time. That was him in 2008.

Nico doesn’t believe much in learning to use a camera at school. It’s fairly easy. What many photographers have to know is that good photos alone don’t sell, you need to learn about business and marketing too or no one will see these masterpieces you create.

In the past years, working hard to market his photography has sparked in him an actual passion for digital marketing. Nico now has over 140,000 social media followers (75% are in the UK and in the US) and his website receives over 230,000 visits a year.

Both these interests help me him in his day to day photography business through the many transferable skills he’s accumulated.

His strongest beliefs are being hyper critical of his work, trying to keep his ego in check, being humble whenever possible, determination, passion and hard work, which, when it’s the right thing you’re doing, don’t really feel quite like hard work.