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Motion Blur

  • Tutorials
  • 14/02/20

This month’s LIoP Challenge is Blur so we thought it’s a good idea to discuss motion blur.
Motion blur is one of the topics we teach in our Beginners Photography Course.
Blur can be so effective and give emotion and feeling of movement in our images.
So how do we achieve it?

First things first. Shutter speed is the thing that controls motion in your image. You got to slow this one down. What does this mean? Below 1/60th of a second. The slower the more movement but of course it is all relevant to the speed of the motion and how much light there is there already. How much blur do you want?

It is also clever to use a tripod if you are not panning or moving with the subject, and a self-timer or trigger for shutter release.

If you happen to be in a sunny climate or your camera is letting in too much light for the amount of blur you want, you can compensate

by closing down your aperture so that means F3.5 to F22
by decreasing your ISO example would be 400 to 100
or by using a neutral density filter which allows you to slow down the shutter speed to get a balanced image.

We look forward to seeing your entries and if you want to learn more about exposure and how to achieve cool things, book onto our beginner’s course.

Happy Valentine’s day to all you romantics!