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Lucy Hamidzadeh – Street Photographer and masterful Storyteller

  • Talks
  • 05/02/21

Hailing from South East London, Lucy Hamidzadeh is a self-taught photographer with a deep affection for the city’s unpredictable weather and the hustle and bustle of life. Her distinctive approach to street photography creates images that are complex and multi-layered, yet feel effortless in their execution. Instead of following visual trends, Lucy sets them and creates fictional micro-worlds that are emphatically her own. In addition to capturing the image, she is a masterful storyteller, transporting the reader into the intimacy of the moment with empathy and an understanding of the human condition.Her unique sensibilities have created a body of work that is both vulnerable and accessible.

Lucy’s early career was spent working in the travel industry where she spent over 20 years honing her skills as a writer and developing her passion for travel – as well as photography. However, in 2017 a dramatic change of events occurred, and Lucy decided it was ‘now or never’ to take her photography to a new level. Since then, she has been working as a freelance photographer and writer.

In 2019 Lucy saw her work published by Trope Publishing Co. in her first book titled, ‘Unfinished Stories’; an extensive collection of photographs that capture the daily lives of people: on the streets, in trains and at cafés, going through their day, often without much thought or notice, but captured in an indelible way by Lucy’s eye and camera. These images are paired with Lucy’s words to add more layers of texture and meaning to the relationship and fleeting moments she encounters on the streets.

Instagram: @JuicyLucyHam