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Karen McQuaid – Senior Curator, The Photographer’s Gallery

  • Talks
  • 30/06/18

This talk was part of our LIoP SHOW 17/18

Karen McQuaid is Curator at The Photographers’ Gallery and has been in post since 2009, having previously worked on the talks programme at the Gallery.
She has curated exhibitions including ‘Jim Goldberg, Open See’ (2009) which won the artist the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2010; ‘Fiona Tan, Vox Populi London’ which included a publication with BookWorks (2012); ‘Claire Aho, Studio Works’ editing the publication ‘Cotton Rhapsody’ (2013); and ‘Andy Warhol, Photographs: 1976 – 1987’ (2014).
She co-curated Geraldo de Barros ‘What Remains’ (2013) with the Musee d’Elysee, Lausanne, and has also facilitated a number of artist projects. In Autumn 2014, she worked alongside Lorenzo Vitturi to curate ‘Dalston Anatomy’ at The Photographers’ Gallery.
She regularly writes for international art publications and institutions, and guest lectures across the UK.