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Ioanna Sakellaraki – Fantasy and loss

  • Talks
  • 04/09/20

Ioanna Sakellaraki, graduate from The Royal College of Art, recipient of the Royal Photographic Society Postgraduate Bursary 2018 and recently awarded with the title of the Student Photographer of the Year 2020 by Sony Photo Awards, will be giving a talk about her long-term project The Truth is in the Soil.

Her photographic research started evolving four years ago, when the death of her father sparked a journey back home and the exploration of traditional Greek funerary rituals. Endeavouring to further understand her roots, she investigates the collective mourning and ritual laments of the last communities of professional mourners in the Mani peninsula of Greece. In the crossroads of performance and staged emotion, she looks at how the work of mourning contextualises modern regimes of looking, reading, and feeling with regards to the subject of death in Greece today.