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Ideas for creative photography

  • Tutorials
  • 12/12/19

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with some ideas of what to photograph but it is always good to photograph projects or themes rather than just snapping. This way you can build a body of work. Coming on a course and/or joining our photography community at LIoP is also another way as well as entering our monthly challenge. LIoP really hones in and finds your style no matter what stage or where you want to take your photography.

But for now here are some ideas,

  • Listen to some music and take a photo inspired by how it makes you feel.
  • Give a camera to a young child and ask them to take a photo of you.
  • Research and rent/borrow a lens you don’t usually use to see how it changes your perspective.
  • Make a scrapbook of your photographic journey, collecting images of others you like and dislike, images of your own, techniques and develop your style.

Happy Photographing!