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Face Time photoshoot – Is it survival mode or a new way to photograph?

  • News
  • 09/05/20

There is a fast-emerging trend from some fashion and portrait photographers in particular and that trend is to create a shoot through FaceTime/Skype.  The question is if this the changing landscape for photographers or is it survival mode? This is an interesting question to think about photography in general. The relationship and connection with the subject. The equipment needed and how to be creative and think on your feet. The resulting images might not really be suitable for printing especially if you can embrace the imperfections like Pal Henson.

However long this really humbling time will last – it should meaningfully impact shoots and ask questions of sustainability and the environmental impact so hopefully commissioning locally.

So if you wanted to try this technique out for yourself, how do you go about it?
You need a laptop and photograph FaceTime through it by Using the onscreen button to take a photo
FaceTime Live Photos needs to be enabled (Settings>FaceTime>Live Photos – toggle on)
They need to have their phone set to upload photos to iCloud

Other photographers like Fran Monks asked her sitters to position their laptop or tablet on the other side of the room while she would direct them from afar. She said bandwidth, webcams, and light all present big challenges and she took the final image by photographing the screen because she liked the strange artifacts which appear.

Our own London Institute of photography past student, William Henry Thompson also indulged and did a fantastic job.

Stay safe lovely people and keep an eye out for our Online courses coming very soon to you.