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Elise Dumontet beauty and fashion photographer

  • Talks
  • 15/06/22

Elise Dumontet is a London based beauty & fashion photographer and director, she is originally from France.

Influenced by and having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, she works both commercially and editorially towards the perfect image.

Elise’s expertise covers stills, gifs, film and moving images. This means she can create a seamless campaign across different platforms irrespective of print, digital or social media.

Her passion for “all things beautiful” drove her to create a simplistic yet unique approach to beauty photography.

Currently globally represented by JSR . Elise’s extensive list of clients includes Vogue, L’Oreal, Clinique, Space NK, Penguin, Harpers Collins and Sunday Times Style; to name a few.

After 20 years shooting advertising beauty & fashion campaigns, Elise was no stranger to photographing beautiful women. But after so long capturing the conventionally attractive, she decided to help people find their inner beauty instead. So she turned her lens on a different kind of beauty often discredited in the norm.

This talk will be about how beauty has changed in the Advertising Industry and the female gaze and give tips on how to get into the beauty advertisement world.Elise is optimistic that “things are changing”. The industry is increasingly open to older models, models of different sizes and skin tones. […] and we’re seeing high profile campaigns for both designer brands and high street chains that feature models with disabilities. “The problem is we’re so used to looking away”. “With these [my] pictures, people can take the time to look and to ask questions. She said to me: you made me feel like I am there. I exist.” Excerpt from an interview with It’s Nice That where mentioning her series ‘Skin We’re In’