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Dawn Parsonage – Collecting Found Photography

  • Talks
  • 06/06/18

Dawn Parsonage is a Photographic artist and collector of found photography based in London. For over 20 years she has collected thousands of photographs, negatives, slides and stereo-cards from anonymous photographers. Concentrating on the 1850’s-1950’s, she searches for the unexpected, humorous, emotive and beautiful. Images, that when viewed with a modern eye, are just as emotive as those taken by named and celebrated photographers.

The talk will take a broad look at her collection and ask:

What can these forgotten images teach us about our own relationship with photography today? Can the act of collecting found photography be viewed as an art form?

What role do images which have begun to degrade play in Dawn’s work?
How did the progression in photographic technology influence these images?
How does Dawn’s collection influence her own photography?
What is the future of found photography?