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Creating a Website

  • Tutorials
  • 08/03/20

So, you have completed our Professional Photography Course or Short Photography Course and you are ready to go out into the big, bad world of photography. The question is how to showcase your images. Instagram is a must to showcase your gallery and for people to get to know YOU but the old website is still a favourite.

But what do you need to do? It is difficult to encapsulate the viewer’s attention immediately as you only have seconds before they decide to move on.
So how do you do this as soon as they hit the homepage?
You need to sell it. Tell your audience your story, your photography style which includes your branding, logo, colours, font and of course by the image or images used on your store front.

At LIoP, we teach a web design course which is incorporated into our Professional Photography Course. It is taught by the talented Ben Smith who started off his career as a journalist, now a pro- photographer and runs the very popular A Small Voice Podcast
Well worth doing his course if you need a spruce up, a little guidance or starting from scratch.