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Claudia Leisinger – People on the cusp of events

  • Talks
  • 03/07/20

Claudia Leisinger is an award-winning photographer & multimedia creator. In 2007 she completed her MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the LCC with the story “Bhutan, A Country in Transition”, documenting Bhutan’s shift towards its first-ever democratic elections.

Since then she has been working as a portrait & documentary photographer and filmmaker for newspapers, magazines, charities, foundations, commercial clients, artists and galleries.

Throughout her photography practice, she continually works on self-initiated long-term projects, returning often to themes of migration, employment and environmental changes.

Like in “The Last of the Billingsgate Fish Porters”, a multimedia piece on the corporate extinguishing of a centuries-old work trade in the City of London. (Published in the Guardian UK, selected for Night Contact, London’s first Multimedia Festival, and exhibited in a solo exhibition in Switzerland)

Or “Europe Revisited” her recent work documenting six Serbian Roma families traditionally ostracised, but for the last two years taking part in a national (and E.U. membership-driven) initiative to improve their substandard housing. (Shortlisted and honourably mentioned in the Marilyn Stafford Foto Reportage Award 2018, exhibited in Marginal, a group exhibition in London)

Two portraits, one from each story named above, have just recently been selected in the Portrait of Humanity Shortlist 2020.

Her body of work expresses her passion to advocate for a society that not only accepts those with different lifestyles but also one that respects their contribution to the whole – even if this contribution isn’t always an obvious one.

During this talk Claudia will also show her new series “Modern Hunter Gatherer” which she photographed as a direct reaction to the coronavirus lockdown.