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Brett Walker – Raw Emotion in Portraits

  • Talks
  • 06/09/17

“I don’t want to say anything with my work, the idea is that the images say what’s needed, but people who see it are more than welcome to say whatever they feel fit.”

Brett Walker was born in 1962 in the north of England, by the age of 22 he was the only European photographer working in the fashion industry in Tokyo. He worked for fashion designers such as Yoji Yamamoto; fashion magazines like Vogue, i-D and The Face, among others.

But Walker disliked the values that the industry was promoting, so he decided to leave it all and change profession and location quite dramatically, he became a merchant seaman.
Being a fashion photographer wasn’t his job anymore but he never stopped taking photos, his camera was/is always with him. He mostly shoots people from his neighbourhood, common people with stories written on the lines of their faces which he masterfully throws back in your face.
The portraits are strong, the details arresting and his style is raw and bold, impossible to ignore.