What is the Street and Documentary Photography Course about?

Capturing the emotions of the street and documenting life (an event or an environment) are two of the most powerful forms of photography. We look at how both these genres have evolved over time, as professionals use new tools and technologies to expand their creativity.

Street and Documentary Photography Course outline:

  • Analysing works by the top names in street & documentary photography, historical & contemporary
  • The difference between a photo story and a photo essay
  • Framing, viewpoint & composition
  • Capturing street portraiture & street life
  • The ‘Decisive Moment’
  • Interacting with subjects
  • Ethics & legal rights
  • Choosing lenses & other equipment, and optimising camera set-ups
  • Editing your stock
  • Developing your own method of file management

A good knowledge of the Beginners Photography and Intermediate Photography Course is required

4 Days / 2 Weekends / 20 Hours


Digital Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) with Manual Exposure Mode

Skills Acquired:

You will learn to:

  • Tell stories through images, by learning how to create & structure your photo story or essay
  • Consider the framework of your story or essay, from an historical, contextual & conceptual perspective
  • Capture the spontaneity of street life in your own artistic style
  • Edit your images to create coherence
  • Have an understanding of the cultural and legal scope of your work