What is the Still Life Photography Course about?

We explore still life photography from an artistic perspective while using the full range of commercial photography skills. The course covers all aspects of this broad topic, from food to product photography and to artistic still life. You’ll create captivating still life arrangements using a range of materials and material products.

Still Life Photography Course Outline:

  • Introduction to still life photography
  • The key elements: lighting, composition & styling
  • Flash & ambient light
  • Studio equipment & light shapers
  • Using a grey card for custom white balancing & metering
  • Reflectors & subtractors
  • Controlling reflections & specular highlights
  • Arranging products for colour, texture & effect
  • Photographing different types of objects, such as food, glass & metal
  • Analysing the works of renowned still life photographers
  • Concept, planning & execution of a still life shoot
  • Post-production workflow

A good knowledge of the Beginners Photography and Intermediate Photography Couse is required

4 Days / 2 Weekends / 20 Hours


Skills Acquired:

You will learn to:

  • Conduct your own still life shoot on location & in the studio
  • Master the key elements of still life: lighting, composition & styling
  • Reimagine everyday objects & products
  • Produce a series of still life photographs for your artistic or commercial portfolio