What is the Adobe Photoshop Photographers Course about?

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely-used picture editing software tools in the world. Photoshop has become the new darkroom and editing has become an essential part of the creative process for photographers. Our course aims to provide an in-depth exploration of Photoshop for photography so aspiring photographers are confident in the image-making process from beginning to end.

The course includes an introduction of all key Photoshop elements, including non-destructive editing, adjustment layers and key image compositing techniques to help all photographers create flawless images and to help them refine their creative process professionally. This course is ideal for beginners but also provides a more detailed exploration of each element for those already familiar with the basics. LIoP classes are never larger than 8 students, meaning every attendee gets the attention they need no matter what ability level they come in at.

Classes are available to students of all ability levels; the only requirement is access to a laptop with Adobe Photoshop CC, 6 or 5 installed. LIoP’s courses aim to support aspiring professional photographers but are also open to those who simply want to improve their photography skills for personal gain.

We aim to use real-world situational activities to help you get to grips with using the software yourself and to help you understand how the techniques will help you with your own personal style of photography.

With small class sizes, flexible teaching times and expert tutors working actively in the field of photography, LIoP’s courses provide the ideal balance of education and practical experience to help any budding photographer refine their talents before entering the world of professional photography.

Adobe Photoshop Photographers Course Outline:

  • The Workspace and basic set-up/preferences in Lightroom
  • Using Camera RAW Converter
  • 8 bits vs 16 bits
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Retouching in layers (clone & healing)
  • Resolution & resizing
  • Straightening, rotating & cropping
  • Adjustment layers (Curves, Hue/Saturation)
  • Working with masks
  • Image compositing techniques
  • Finalising the image
  • Exporting files for the web & for print
  • Linking Photoshop with Lightroom


4 Evenings / 1 Weekend / 10 Hours


A laptop with Adobe Photoshop CC, 6 or 5 installed.

Skills Acquired:

You will learn to:

  • Enhance your images to achieve a professional quality
  • Work with layers, adjustment layers & masks
  • Perform sophisticated compositing techniques