170 Hours


Digital Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) with Manual Exposure Mode, laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop installed.

Who should study the Professional Photography Course?

Our PPC in London aims to develop all students’ abilities in digital photography no matter what level they are already working at.

The course provides hands-on, practical experience in the studio and on location which will be vital for any aspiring professional photographer. For those with previous experience, LIoP’s course provides a deeper exploration of the world of photography with tailored guidance from experienced artists.

Whether you want to work in photography or are interested in developing your skills for personal reasons, LIoP’s digital photography course covers all aspects of professional photography and is taught by tutors with extensive experience who are still working in the field.

Working with professionals in the industry ensures that the advice our students receive is fresh and useful for navigating the industry at the end of the course.

Course modules

The modules offered on this short course cover all photography genres, including fashion photography, still life, portrait and street photography.

No matter where your interests lie, there is always something to learn from each school to help inform your personal style.

Skilled and Ready for the Industry

“I highly recommend the Professional Photography Course. The level of teaching by professional and accomplished photographers is outstanding, the curriculum and modules offered are very well thought through and executed. I have learnt an enormous amount and feel very grateful for the experience I received and the dedication and openness from all the teachers on the course. It exceeded my expectations and I am so happy in hindsight that I chose this course over the others I was considering.”

Jill Gandee Coulter

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Flexibility available

We offer the PPC full-time over 10 weeks, with both day-time and night-time schedules throughout. This allows students to develop their skills and reach an industry-ready level within 3 months.

For those looking for part-time options, we offer photography classes on weekends with a duration of 4 months, as one-day-a-week schedules on Fridays (about 9 months) as well as the option to tailor your schedule module by module over a 2 to 9-month period.

Portfolio and website

As part of the journey, you will also create your own web page and portfolio that reflect your signature style. These resources will be essential when entering the professional market and will give you a strong foundation to work from on completion.

Develop your own style

Through expert guidance and an exploration of all fields of digital photography, this course enables you to develop your own personal style and understand where your interests lie in the industry. Whether you have an idea of what field of photography interests you most or not, this course will give you all the tools and guidance to develop a unique style and a sophisticated portfolio.

Access to the LIoP Jobs Board

All students are given access to the LIoP Jobs Board even after completion, giving you updates on the latest creative opportunities to help you direct your career.

Professional Photography Course certificate

After completion, you will receive a printed certificate stating your successful completion of the course.

After-course support

This course is designed to support every student at every stage of their career. After the course, we are always available to provide a helping hand as you continue to navigate the fascinating, ever-changing world of photography.

At any time, students can move from studying Individual Photography Courses to the Professional Photography Course, and we’ll deduct the cost of the Individual Courses accordingly.

The PPC can be completed in 4 ways: One Day a Week (Fridays), on Weekends alone, tailored to a Flexible schedule within 2 to 9 months or Full-Time over the course of 10 weeks.

Full Time Course

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The 10-week Full Time PPC alternates between daytime and evening modules. It’s ideal for students looking to pack their learnings into the shortest space of time.

The first week is a daytime module (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu, 10am – 4pm) and the second week an evening module (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu, 6.30 – 9.30pm), and so on.

Guest lectures held on the first Fridays of each month. In the weeks when modules are taught in the evening, students are encouraged to do personal work during the day.

Download a sample Full Time Professional Photography Course schedule here.

Course Fee: £3,795 (or £3,900 if paid in instalments)

Flexible Course

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This course gives students the complete flexibility to tailor their schedule to study modules at weekends (Sat & Sun, 10am-4pm), on weekdays (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu, 10am – 4pm) and in the evenings (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu, 6.30 – 9.30pm). You’ll have between 2 and 9 months to complete all modules.

Simply select the module dates from the menu. Download the Flexible PPC timetable guideline here.

We are happy to create a personalised draft schedule for you, just send an email to bookings@liop.co.uk.

Course Fee: £3,995 (or £4,100 if paid in instalments)

One-day-a-week Course

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The One Day a Week course runs every Friday 10am – 4pm and is the perfect option for students who want to complete the PPC on a single weekday.

English school holidays are omitted and the overall duration is of the course is 8 months.

Download a sample timetable for the One Day a Week PPC here.

Course Fee: £3,795 (or £3,900 if paid in instalments)

Weekend Course

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The Weekend PPC allows students to complete the entire programme on 15 weekends, spread in regular intervals over the course of about 5 months. This schedule option is especially popular with students who work full time.

You can download a sample Weekend Professional Photography Course schedule here.

If you require the schedule for a specific course date, please send us an email to bookings@liop.co.uk.

Course Fee: £3,795 (or £3,900 if paid in instalments)