Product Photography

What is the Product Photography module about?

In the Product Photography module you will learn essential techniques for photographing a variety of products, from food to product photography and artistic still life.

You’ll acquire the knowledge and practical skills needed to produce high-quality, professional images that showcase the best features of any product. This comprehensive module is a valuable addition to your skill set and the perfect foundation for a career in this in-demand field of photography.

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Conduct your own still life shoot on location & in the studio
  • Master the key elements of still life: lighting, composition & styling
  • Reimagine everyday objects & products
  • Produce a series of still life photographs for your portfolio

What will it cover?

  • Introduction to still life photography
  • Analysing the works of renowned still life photographers
  • The key elements: lighting, composition & styling
  • Studio equipment & light shapers
  • Product photography specific equipment: geared head, trace-frames, magic arms etc.
  • Reflectors & subtractors
  • Controlling reflections & specular highlights
  • Arranging products for colour, texture & effect
  • Photographing different types of objects, such as food, glass & metal
  • Imitate daylight with flash
  • Plan and produce a series of still life photographs for your portfolio
  • Tethered shooting workflow