Portrait Photography

What is the Portrait Photography module about?

During the Portrait Photography module, you’ll master the art of capturing stunning and evocative portraits. Using different set-ups, you will learn essential techniques, such as lighting, posing and building rapport with the model to create visually striking images.

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Direct your subjects, including helping them to feel at ease
  • Control daylight & studio lights to achieve different effects
  • Tell a story through portraiture
  • Produce a series of portrait photographs for your portfolio

What will it cover?

  • Introduction to portrait photography
  • Works of renowned portrait photographers
  • Choosing the right lenses & other camera equipment for your subject
  • Composition
  • Studio portraiture & effective 1 light portrait lighting
  • Rembrandt lighting
  • Ambient light and how to modulate it
  • Reflectors, scrims and flags
  • Directing your subject, putting them at ease to achieve the best results
  • Working with models & model releases