Portfolio Printing

What is the Portfolio Printing module about?

Preparing and printing your portfolio is a key way of presenting and sharing your work. You’ll come away with a strong, well-structured portfolio book of your work, reflecting your signature style and ready to be presented professionally. Our books can be repaginated so as to be customised to appeal to individual clients. All materials (portfolio book and prints) are included in the PPC fee.

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Put together a professional-grade A4 portfolio book of your work, ready to be presented professionally
  • Have an excellent understanding of how to structure your portfolio, with the right image, sequencing and layout to suit your brand
  • Produce your own prints on a large-format Giclée inkjet printer

What will it cover?

  • Signature artistic & visual style
  • Portfolio types
  • Structuring a portfolio presentation
  • Colour management
  • Monitor & inkjet printer calibration
  • Print layout in Photoshop
  • Overview of inkjet printers & papers
  • The inkjet printing process
  • Finishing the prints: creasing & mounting