What is the Photoshop module about?

In this module you will learn to master the software’s advanced editing capabilities while providing a structured, step-by-step guide through the entire workflow. Engaging with a practical briefing, you’ll acquire the techniques necessary to elevate your images to a professional level.

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Enhance your images to achieve a professional quality
  • Work with layers, adjustment layers & masks
  • Perform sophisticated compositing techniques

What will it cover?

  • Optimising workspace & preferences
  • Using Adobe Camera RAW Converter
  • 8 bits vs 16 bits
  • Non-destructive editing
  • High-end retouching in layers (clone & healing)
  • Resolution & resizing
  • Straightening, rotating & cropping
  • Adjustment layers (Curves, Hue/Saturation)
  • Global & local adjustments
  • Working with selections & masks
  • Image compositing techniques
  • Finalising the image
  • Exporting files for the web & for print