Lightroom Classic

What is the Lightroom module about?

In this module will learn to establish the entire editing workflow from start to finish, starting with archive creation, options to store and manage you files, to professional editing strategies and export your images for different applications, like social media, print or webpages.

By the end of the module you will be able to

  • Enhance your images to achieve a professional quality
  • Organise your photos using advanced file management techniques
  • Carry out non-destructive global and local adjustments to individual or multiple files
  • Optimise files for different media (web, print & social media)

What will it cover?

  • External hard drives and backup solutions
  • The Library & Develop workspace modules in Lightroom
  • Importing & managing files
  • Organising files into Collections & Smart Collections
  • Tethered shooting
  • White balance & colour grading
  • Cropping, straightening & aspect ratios
  • Creating a consistent look with global adjustments: brightness, contrast, saturation etc.
  • Analyse reference images and learn to emulate their look
  • Local adjustments
  • Retouching functions
  • Size & resolution
  • File formats & their usages
  • Exporting files for the web, print & social media