What is the course about?

Shallow Depth of Field, also called selective focus, is one of the most exciting techniques in photography. It can transform your image by adding depth, beauty and interest. You’ll learn to control which image detail stands out and how to create beautiful bokeh, where the background gently falls out of focus.

We teach you how to use Depth of Field creatively with your own equipment, and give further guidance on the most effective lenses for capturing bokeh.

Workshop outline:

  • The four elements that control depth of field
  • Use of selective focus to tell a story
  • Creative applications for depth of field
  • Advice on lenses & equipment



1 Afternoon / 3 Hours


Digital Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) with Manual Exposure Mode, laptop with webcam & internet access

Skills Acquired:

  • Control depth of field
  • Direct the viewers’ attention to specific image details
  • Know which lenses create the best bokeh
Afternoon Courses
Fridays, 2pm – 5pm