Photography.. ah beautiful photography. It can be so many things for so many people. Once photography starts to seep into your veins, it’s over for you, as you will be hooked.

Photography, dare we say, can be your best friend. Your accomplice. It is meditative in nature, a conversation starter. The camera is attached to you and becomes part of you.

During this crisis time, photography can aid you in the process of understanding and working through.

It can be difficult to begin.

What do you want to create, it can be a single amazing image or a series of images or a conceptual/documentary project but this outbreak is a way to turn a big negative into a positive.

Photograph the way that the Coronavirus is affecting you, your family, your household. How is it changing you life at this time? What do you want to say and how do you want this time to be remembered in 10, 15, 20, 50 years time.

We are bringing you some work by the talented Caterina Nasini introducing you to her mood and thoughts during self-isolation.

She has also created a QRNTN Newsletter for you to join on her website and gain access into the brain of this creative, linking not only her own work but sourcing material from others and introducing it in a unique way.

Stay safe everyone in this crazy surreal time

and please remember photography is your best friend!