When our students come to our courses they present themselves with their past experiences and they bring their stories with them.

Student feature – Dinah Senior

It is very important to know photographers’ past because it helps us understand their point of view and style.

We interviewed our student Dinah Senior on her series on the most celebrated Rumba group in the world.

Dinah, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into photography?

For the last fifteen years I have been a practitioner in the youth sector working with young people affected by serious violence and those living violent lifestyles. I started using candid and environmental portrait photography as an engagement tool in my work with disaffected young people and as a way of exploring their world and documenting their transformation over time.

What is your preferred photographic genre and why?

Documentary photography is my preferred genre because photography is about telling stories for me and about capturing the environmental and human elements that make up a story.

What is your current series about?

This series is about a Cuban group called Clave Y Guaguanco and is part of my ‘Cuban Perspectives‘ project that celebrates the work of contemporary artists, dancers and musicians in Havana. Clave Y Guaguanco was founded over fifty years ago in the Havana docks where they pounded out their Afro Cuban rhythms on old fish boxes and have gone on to become the most celebrated Rumba group in the world. In this series of images we see an authentic Rumba performance in the home of the group’s director Amado de Jesus Dedeu, surrounded by his friends and family.


Which course did you attend at LIoP and how did it help you with your current work?

I attended the Web Design for Photographers course with Holger Pooten and found it extremely useful. What I liked most about it was the emphasis on doing rather than talking, so that the basics of our websites were in place by the end of the two days. I am not a technical person but the course was well structured and expertly delivered, and most importantly has provided me with the knowledge and confidence to create my own site.

Do you have plans for future projects?

My plans for the future are to complete my website and to use it to promote my ‘Cuban Perspectives’ project with a view to getting my images exhibited and published. I have been very grateful for the encouragement and guidance I have received from the LIoP and am aware that I am learning a great deal and developing significantly as a photographer in the process.

See her series ‘Cuban Perspectives’ here