We are really excited to announce our Professional Photography Course (short PPC) has just become more accessible.

Currently we have the options of Full-Time PPC and Flexible PPC but we are always thinking of ways to make this potentially life changing course even better. We have created two new schedule options that allow you to complete the Professional Photography Course on Weekends or on Fridays only.

With our previous students we have found that this learning experience has led to the turning of a new leaf and a fresh start in life.

Are you a professional who works 5 days a week?
Maybe you are a student who wishes to travel in and out of London?

We have two new options for you.
 Drumroll please:

  • Every Friday (10am – 4pm) running for a total of 8 months – omitting English school holidays.
  • Or a total of 15 weekends spread out in regular intervals (2 – 3 weekends/month)

To see a more detailed explanation click here.

What is covered?

Complete Foundation
Street and Documentary
Still Life
Portrait Photography
Fashion Photography
Web Design for Photographers
Portfolio Printing
Mentoring Sessions
Visiting Lectures
Opportunity of Exhibition

What’s not to love! Please contact us if you would like to chat or visit us.

And remember, if you have already completed a course at LIoP you can upgrade to the Professional Photography Course and we will deduct all previously paid amounts from the fee.