Printing your images is super important. There is nothing quite like seeing your work away from the bright light of a monitor and on a page.

There are two print houses in London we recommend- The Print Space and Metro Imaging. Both companies are excellent.
There are two printing processes to choose from Giclee type print (inkjet) These are archival and last up to 200 years or C-Type Print (use light-sensitive paper and is similar to printing in the darkroom) the print can last up to 40 years.

You can select many types of paper with each process. Depending on your image will depend on the type of paper such as matt, semi-gloss, bamboo, or metallic to name but a few.

What is important is that you use a calibrated monitor. It is easy to use and ensures you are looking at the correct colours.

Using photoshop you can create a layout, add borders, view the paper type and the effect it has on your image and save as a Tiff file. Save your image to the size you are going to print.

If you would like to learn more and get a A3 or A4 portfolio printed, we have a fantastic course called Portfolio Printing. One step in the right direction of learning how to master printing!