The pinhole has played an important role in the evolution of the modern camera.
It is a lensless dark box with a single pinhole in one end. Film or photo-paper is taped inside. The exposure is calculated and then brought into a dark room to be exposed. You can make your own pinhole from tin boxes, or cardboard box and use a whole host of shapes and diameters (focal lengths). You can also buy specific hardwood Pinhole cameras.

The discovery of the camera obscura allowed photography to be born. The first camera obscura was a small hole in one wall of a darkened room. Light passing through the hole formed an inverted image (this is because light travels in straight lines) of the outside scene on to a white screen placed across the room from the hole.

An artist called Abelardo Morell has turned rooms into pinhole camera obscura and then photographed the outside world projected inside.

Other photographers who use the pinhole approach are Zeb Andrews, Vera Lutter, and Martha Casanave to name but a few.